Is Your Job A Pain In The Neck?

Chronic pain isn't part of your job description.

A recent survey shows that up to 80% of office workers with neck pain are still experiencing pain a year later.  

Many of our clients develop neck pain from working long hours in front of a computer.  

To learn more about the likelihood of workers' compensation covering your treatment, click on the resource below. 

Is my pain work-related?

It depends on how you were injured, but the question is unavoidable. It is likely that your doctor and your insurance carrier will investigate whether your injury is work-related.

Here is what you should do now:

  1. Notify your employer of your issue. By law, it is your employer's responsibility to notify their workers’ compensation carrier of the problem.
  2. Visit your primary care physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant to inform them of your problem.
  3. Ask them to send a referral for physical therapy first. Always begin with the most conservative and effective line of treatment.

What if I have a preexisting condition?

Most workplace injuries occur from repetitive stress movements rather than an isolated incident. Even if you have a previous injury that has been exacerbated by your current job, you are likely covered by workers' compensation.

How does my claim impact my employer?

Employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. A recent study showed that work-related neck pain was a leading cause of employees missing work. Additionally, treating your work-related pain through physical therapy before it escalates is better for you and a less costly treatment than more severe alternatives.

How do I learn more?

Attempting to tolerate your neck and shoulder pain is not a good strategy. Call us directly at 442-4325 for your free, confidential phone consultation or fill out the form below.

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